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The Contracted Services Program has been updated to make it easier and less complicated to use. All documents and training are now available on-line and can be accessed through the links below.

All contractors wishing to work for the St. Clair Catholic District School Board and/or the Lambton Kent District School Board must first complete the Contracted Services Program.

STEP 1 - Click Here to download our terms and conditions. These are the set of rules required to be followed by all contractors while on site. Once you have reviewed and understand the working terms for the Board you can proceed to STEP 2.

STEP 2 - Click Here to download the prequalification application. Complete the form along with a copy of current WSIB clearance certificate and proof of liability insurance and return it to the attention of Facility Services at the St. Clair Catholic District School Board. Email victoria.iaccino@st-clair.net, or fax 519-354-5116 to the attention of Victoria Iaccino. Mailing address is 1930 Wildwood Drive, Brights Grove ON N0N 1C0. Once the application form has been evaluated and your references contacted, you will receive notification as to whether or not you meet the minimum qualifications. This process may take some time. Do not proceed to STEP 3 until you have written notice from Facility Services.

STEP 3 - Click Here to Complete the Basic Safety Orientation Training. Each person that will be working on Board property will be required to take this training. It is quick and easy but requires you to take a short test at the end. Once you successfully complete the test you will be able to print off a certificate of completion. The contractor must supply a list of all workers who will be working on Board property. This list must be provided on your company letterhead and signed by a company official. This list must be submitted to Facility Services. Badges in Step 4 cannot be printed until the Board has received this list and any subsequent updates.

STEP 4 - The final step is to obtain photo identification. There are two methods of obtaining your photo identification. The easiest and preferred method is to take a digital photo of the individual and email it to Facility Services. Follow up with faxing your corresponding training certificates. They will prepare the badges and identify where they can be picked up. Secondly if you do not have a digital camera, you can make an appointment with Facility Services. Contact information is below.

Click Here to print an Emergency/Specialty Permit.

Facility Services
St. Clair Catholic District School Board
Telephone: 519-627-6762
Toll Free: 1-866-336-6139
Extension: 10257

Fax: 519-354-5116

Purchasing Department
Lambton Kent District School Board
Telephone: 519-336-1500